Charity & Laura met when they were both working at the head office of a Canadian fashion retailer, and started this blog when they had far more glamorous lives and plenty of free time… Fast forward 7 years and 3 kids later they are both now FT stay at home moms, consciously choosing small space living to remain in and raise their children in the city they love, Vancouver BC.

Now, this blog is their creative outlet (and source of sanity) between play dates and diaper changes. 

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She knows her way around a kitchen, but this lady enjoys a recipe that requires minimal effort for maximum impact – and possibly one that’s dairy/gluten free depending on whatever new diet adjustment her husband is experimenting with at the time.

They live together with their toddler in an (almost!) renoed townhouse in Vancouver Fairview, which means life is upside down and always on the go. Their other two children are covered in fur and make an impact on their interior design choices – does this couch fabric go with cat/dog hair?
She loves learning, and having a child has given her a whole new subject to master. A self proclaimed over-achiever, she is trying to learn the balance between perfection and happiness.


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This pro chef is fearful of no recipe; with experience in catering and a husband who also loves food, she makes trips to the market and local butcher an essential part of every week.
Having grown up with a mom who created fast, but nutritional meals, she has embraced this philosophy as well as creating a wonderful family meal every Sunday (remember: her husband eats ANYTHING and EVERYTHING), so he’s the greatest taste tester.
They both have made a home in the West End of Vancouver where they continue to make it their own with reno projects ( a newly renovated bathroom which took a wee bit longer than expected), and continuous design updates. If any project is needing something more than a nail in the wall, her construction savvy father and brother are just a phone call away.
And now for some exciting news: there is to be a new addition to their wonderful family in April 2014. It’s a surprise to what we’re having, so when Charity and her husband find out, you’ll all be the first to know, ok, maybe the 2nd.