Labels, labels and more labels

jars and labels
jars and labels

I’ve been feeling a bit stir crazy lately with the weather changing from glorious summer sunshine to the dreary Vancouver fall rain, so after my daughter’s swim lessons yesterday, we ventured over to Granville Island via the False Creek Aquabus once the rain stopped and there was a bit of sunshine.

I’ve been following The Delish General Store on Instagram and saw that they had these chalk pens, so in my need to do something fun and crafty while my daughter has her pretend 30 minute nap, I bought one and some black tape from Opus Framing & Art Supplies.

I have been labeling like a mad woman. Where I’ve found it most useful is on the rice jars for my husband as he’s constantly asking me how much rice to water ratio.

Anyways, if you get the urge and feel like you need to do something fun and love labeling – this is for you!

close up of label
close up of label
tape and chalk pen
tape and chalk pen

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