Art Project: Words & Decoupage DIY

Our living room is finally coming together, but we needed a punch of art.

Inspired by a piece I saw on Pinterest, I made this!
Journey Music Art DIY at the

It was pretty easy and I highly recommend loosening up for a project like this (a glass of vino or two will do!)

Step 1. Pickup your canvas (I got mine from the dollar store), sticky back letters in an appropriate size (dollar store), sheet music/newspaper/book pages etc, plain white glue, spray paint or paint.

Step 2. Mix a decoupage solution in a container – one part to one part ratio of white glue to water

Step 3. Brush glue/water mixture onto canvas and haphazardly put paper on the canvas an cover with another coat of the mixture – let dry completely (a few hours will do)

Step 4. While you’re waiting for it to dry, decide how your words will be laid out *write them down on a piece of paper*

Step 5. Draw a faint pencil line for each line of words and place each letter on the canvas backwards its the only way you’ll get a straight edge on the right side. I also stuck the sticky letters to my hand breifly to take away some stick (I was afraid it would take the paper with it)

Artists note: you may want to sober up a bit for this part because you will put the wrong letters on if you don’t work carefully!

Step 6. Working quickly but carefully, paint over in whatever way you see fit. Let dry. Don’t leave it for too long though, I hesitate to leave the sticky letters on too long so they don’t take any under laying paper away with them. Let dry completely overnight.

DIY Art at the



A work in progress… the staircase!IMAG0085 (1)



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