Damask DIY

While the boyfriend is away, the girlfriend will… get inspired and spend a Saturday night in sweatpants making DIY art. Thought I was going to say play, didn’t you?

We’ve been “playing” way too much lately; with a slew of weddings, birthdays, general summer events and our always looming renos I’ve been fairly absent as a Experimental Housewife, my apologies! So last night, with Cody in Toronto at another wedding, I channeled my single days and got crafty, I really hope you like it!

2013-09-15 11.59.32

Our spare bedroom is nicer than our room at this point, and acts as my dressing room, however it’s relatively devoid of art. I had some old 16×16 square canvases that were covered in fabric from previous decor (also an easy option to create some quick art) and decided I was going to instead cover them with some sticky back shelf liner that I actually had from a previous project when I covered a steamer trunk which is now our coffee table (I’ll add that to the blog soon too).

2013-09-15 12.00.20

Here is what I used to created my trio of three:

  • Two complimentary sticky back rolls of shelf liner – the grey one is made by Laura Ashley and I got it from Winners, the white/silver damask I got from a huge dollar store
  • Paper stencils – I free handed these by folding paper in half, but you could easily print off a stencil of choice
  • Scissors/ pen2013-09-15 12.05.01
  • 16×16 canvases – you can get them relatively cheap at dollar stores and they’re the perfect size for the shelf liner!
  • Patience & time – this project took me approximately two movies length of time (3hrs give or take)

Once my stencils were drawn out I traced the shape on the back of the shelf liner and carefully cut them out. I covered each canvas with shelf liner also (opting for this opposite effect) and carefully centred, peeled and stuck the different “fleur de lis” cut outs on each frame – VOILA!



2013-09-15 11.59.18

I also had one canvas left over, so I did a trio for the upstairs living room

2013-09-15 12.05.36

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